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My ASUP - Storage Efficiency 2.0 gone?



I really like the "Storage Efficiency 2.0" dashboard that showed the dedupe efficiency for all filers in our OU as well as a comparison to worldwide averages.
It was simple to use and quite well suited for internal matters.


However - it's gone. Is that a specific problem with my MyASP view or is it general. Is there a replacement that shows the same information?




Re: My ASUP - Storage Efficiency 2.0 gone?

Hi Chris, 



Thank you for contacting NetApp community and regarding your query MYASUP do have the storage efficiency option when you click on the particular client you can see the options to choose from the left side panel.


Storage Efficiency.png



If you want to manually check the efficiency for a particular controller or your customer's controller you can launch STORAGE EFFICIENCY OPTION under RESOURCES TAB ( Supports only 8.3.2+ AFF system or any 9.1+ ONTAP system ).