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FAS2240 Performance Data Issue


Some days ago I need to examine the performance data of a 2240-4 cluster because customer reported me some issue.

I was really surprised to discover that, nevethelesee the FAS regularly send out all its autosupport (HA managementt group such performance data, management log, weekly and so on) if I try to generate some automatic graph or report about performances tools report me that needed files/data are missed!

So that I've no data trend in MyAutosupport section, no FixIt/Performance Histogram from NTSTP or the Assessment Tools Portal. If I download the hourly stats file and I manually load it in the CMPG portal the received message is quite laconic. Systems have no data...Anyway if I go ahed and open the received ZIP file the Excel reports me that a lot of data files are missed!

What's going on? Another 8.1 bug?


Re: FAS2240 Performance Data Issue


This sounds a support related question.  Using your NetApp SSO account login,you can check for known bugs or open a support case in NetApp Support

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