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Import email addresses in Active IQ



is there a way to import the correct email address into Active IQ in addition to the username?
The reason is that we want to send an email to the users automatically if they have exceeded a quota. Up to now you had to click on the email in such a case and correct it manually. The email addresses cannot be created by a rule. Alternatively we would have to create 13500 entries in the address rules.


Kind regards

Walter Reis



The email rules when quotas are reached do not work in Active IQ.
If I store a rule, it is not evaluated, the default rule is always used.
For example, I created the following rule (One of about 13500):
"if ( $USER == 'BERTRANDT-DE\omercevm' ) then" (without double quotes)
Active IQ ignores the rule and creates this a mail address: (it is the default rule)
Is the error in the rule? According to the documentation the rule should be ok.