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New TR Released: TR-4699: NetApp Active IQ Telemetry and UI Feature Security


What is NetApp Active IQ and what is it used for?

Answer: NetApp Active IQ is a cloud service that provides predictive and proactive insights that help you optimize operations across the hybrid cloud. Active IQ displays information about your NetApp systems

by aggregating telemetry data from NetApp AutoSupport®, which is a predictive technology built into

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NetApp ONTAP®, SolidFire®, E-Series, StorageGRID® Webscale, and NetApp Cloud Backup systems.


NetApp telemetry services work by accessing only your system’s metadata. The underlying information stored on NetApp systems is never accessed or transferred.

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As a NetApp customer, you should understand what data is collected, how the data is transferred to NetApp, and how NetApp keeps it secure and private.



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