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Problem generating Upgrade Plan via MyAutosupport


Hi folks,

I just tried to generate an Upgrade Plan via the MyAutosupport site.

However, the system keeps on coming back with the statement that the data can not be loaded or just a plain failure!?

What if anything can I be doing wrong? And better yet, how can I solve the problem?

Thanks in advance for your help.



Hi folks,

Well it is a bit unfortunate that knowbody seems to know what is causing this problem.

Question is, is this because I am the only person ever to see this problem, or is there nobody else using this option??

On the otherhand, the good news is that I think I have the answer to my own question....

It seems that the advisor automatically suggests updating Ontap to the latest version....problem is it also does that for systems which don't support 8.1.

However the system does seem to remember there is a problem when it tries to generate the report, it just doesn't tell you that the reason the report failed is because of the Ontap issue.