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NetApp S300: off

y NetApp S300 have this message in the display

          NetApp S300: off

and when i try to use the Normal Boot? option the fan start and a message below appear: booting...

but the appliance do nothing.

any one know about this


i have new email address:



NetApp S300: off

Hi Samuel ...

I have the same problem here.

Did you get any info about the problem ?

Thanks for your help.


NetApp S300: off

Do you recall what was the last action made with the S300?

It would be good to connect to the console port and check for relevant messages.

If you had issued halt and bye to halt the S300, you may need to power cycle the unit. See:

Re: NetApp S300: off

Is there anything dispplayed on the LCD?

Re: NetApp S300: off

Hi, thanks for your comments.

Finally the owner show me the problem ...  he opened the device and did not close correctly.

The error on LCD showed the device OFF,  the cover didn't close correctly and the device did not start up.


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