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Unaligned I/O

Is there a way to add to MyAutoSupport the raw data from "lun show -o"? There are already quite a few very useful commands there but this one would help PS, the GSC and the customers themselves do a quick check on a LUN to see if it is aligned properly. I know certain apps use the other buckets but seeing all the writes and reads go to bucket zero effectively stops the discussion for that LUN and doesn't require one to wait for access to the controller or a perfstat to upload. Additionally, it possibly could then be used as another "SystemAtRisk" flag.

TIA for anyone that has access to this and adds this useful output to the tool belt.




Re: Unaligned I/O

Hi Shane, let's take this offline and start a discussion with the At Risk System team.  This might be a signature they can consider.  Once they build this, it will auto show up in My ASUP.



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Re: Unaligned I/O

Precisely what I desired. Thanks for the prompt reply.


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