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Usable space in NetApp

Hello , can someone help me how to calculate or which command to use to find out usable capacity in NetApp? We have NetApp V3140. As per oerations Manager - Aggeregate Space Summary Report we have used 28.3 TB out of 67.7 TB. I would like to know how much actual usable space available? Please find attached screen shot for Aggregate space summary report from Operations Manager. Thanks


Hi Nutan,


my name is Chriz Ott, I'm working with NetApp as a Principal Architect for Transition.


An easy way to get your useable space is using df -A or df -h on the CLI.


Be aware that there is a gap between used capacity and available capacity, because you probably committed "free" capacity to a particular volume by using the volume "space-reserve volume" option.

ONTAP reserves the complete capacity of that volume for future use and it will not show up as available, eventhough it is not used yet.


You can familiarize yourself with the capacity topic here:


hope that helps.


cheers chriz



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