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CIFS share creation

Hi All,


I got a requirement from customer to share create CIFS similar qtree configuration but i don't want keep the share on same volume as both are pointing 2 different environment.


Problem :


CIFS share requirement and customer wants the share to be created


Share 1 Prd env - \\SVM1\XYZ\Share1
Share 2 UAT env - \\SVM1\XYZ\Share2


I'm not sure how to provide solution to this request. Looking for some expert advices and help


Re: CIFS share creation

You can technically create two shares like that,  but you'd be crossing prod and uta.  


Would a flexclone of the prod volume be an option?   

Are Prod and UTA on two different networks? 

Can you break out UTA in to it's own seperate SVM?   

Re: CIFS share creation

yes these are Database share. And prod (production) and UAT(test) are 2 different environment.

But are on same network. We have only 1 SVM for the domain the CIFS is needed. 


The only feasible which i can think of is create cifs share name "XYZ" and create 2 qtree on the volume so that customer see 2 shares different under the same folder.


But the concern here for me as Storage Admin is, if we keep PROD and UAT data on same volume. Then we won't be able  do a snap restore for the mentioned qtrees.


So that's why looking for some advice to make it work.

Re: CIFS share creation

If they're two different environments, why the need to put these on the same volume?  Putting them together kinda nulls the "separate environments" thing, no?  



There's ways to work with the restoring.  SnapCenter,  Snaprestore file or just view the snapshot and copy out what you want.   

But I would still separate them out in to separate volumes.







Re: CIFS share creation

Yea i also agree with you on putting then on different volume will the best practice. 


But how to meet the condition set by customer that they need both shares under common folders "XYZ".


Share needs to accessed as follows:





So i was confused how to create above shares on different volumes.

Re: CIFS share creation

If I understand your request correctly,  can you solve the problem with junction paths?

- Create a small XYZ volume, and share it out as "XYZ"

- Create Share1 volume, mount under XYZ

- Create Share2 volume, mount under XYZ



Re: CIFS share creation

Yea this sounds a good option but i don't have test environment to check. Appologies for troubling more my next question is if i create an XYZ vol and create CIFS share on it.


Next i will create a Share 1  and Share 2  volumes and mount it on XYZ volume,  as its windows environment will the customer be able to view Share 1 and Share 2 volumes as folders  inside XYZ share and ACL will work as normal.


It would have been much easier in NFS and definitely worked in Linux. But i'm pretty new to Windows and CIFS!!

Re: CIFS share creation

Junction paths are the answer you seek. I agree with that answer.

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Re: CIFS share creation

Thanks it was so simple i was beating around the bush!!

Re: CIFS share creation

Glad to help. Sometimes it is the simpliest answers which are best. 🙂

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