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Netapp Data Broker web interface connection issue


I'm trying to connect to the web interface of my new install of Netapp DAta Broker with SnapCenter 4.2

everything is pingnig well


but I have the message "This site can’t be reached" when I put


https://data broker appliance IP:8080


any ideas ?



Could you ensure this:

1) Firewall is disabled (or Ports are allowed)
2) Both Data broker IP & Hostname resolution works from SnapCenter server.

Firewall is disabled ...

I can ping the snapcenter server ... and the NEtapp data broker appliance


I installed and configured the appliance, when I use the link that the appliance tells me to use, I got the message


if I go in Maintenance console, I have Appliance services status : not running


I can't start the service ... 


any idea

I don't have access to databroker, so I can't really do much but I have few suggestions:


[On Page 26]


Could you try these steps from the ,maintenance console:
1) Display NetApp Data Broker summary
2) Start or stop NetApp Data Broker service
3) Ping a host [SnapCenter]
4) Reboot

If that dosen't work, go for diags:

Support and Diagnostics:
a) Generate support bundle
b) Access diagnostic shell
c) Enable remote diagnostic access
d) Generate core dump bundle


So that anyone in the forum can take a look and guide you further.


Same issue here. From talks with my SE buddies, this is an issue, but there aren't too many customers migrated to SC 4.2 and Data Broker, so... maybe there will be a fix (4.2.1 or 1.1)?

For t-shoot, I've gone through all the steps - disabled firewall in SC's Windows Server, checked services, checked DNS resolution, restarted Data Broker, just about everything short of a clean install. There's definitely a bug affecting some users. Let us know if you ever get it sorted out.

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