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NetApp FC Zoning Problem

Hellpo Guys,


I have recently created a Brocade SAN zone using the NetApp PWWN and my ESXI host PWWN.


Sadly I'm not able to see the the host PWWN logged into my NetApp storage. I'm running NetApp Release 9.2P3. I


Is there some trick to getting the storage to see the new host PWWN? Do I need to restart the ports or somehting on the storage? Although that would be highly disruptive and I don't belive would be needed anyways. 


The Brocades are 6520's and I have other zones working just fine.


But am I missing something here?


Re: NetApp FC Zoning Problem

Was this on a existing SAN switches?    i.e. did you already have other zones in place and they're currently being used or a brand new config? 


There shouldn't be any toggling/restarting of ports when it comes to zoning.  


Do the new zones show up when you run "cfgshow"? 


here's a good how to, check to see if you followed all the steps.

Check out the KB!
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