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F5 LOAD Balancer for StorageGrid: How next Storage node IP's get picked up?


If I have a F5 Load Balancer, and one of storage nodes gets failed, how next available node IP gets picked?

Will a floating IP be used in which the same IP will point to different nodes?

Or a pool of nodes IP's be used, if one is not in healty, then next IP will be picked?





TR-4626 has all the info you need regarding how StorageGRID works with 3rd-party load balancers - section 7.2 speaks specifically about F5. The basic premise though is that there are health check monitors that are designed to periodically verify service availability of the back-end nodes. So, if an entire node fails, the remaining nodes are still load balanced according to the load balancing algorithm configured on your F5 appliance (least connection and round-robin are two common load-balancing methods). To answer your other question, yes, there is a "virtual IP" that serves as the front-end connection point for client requests, which the load balancer then directs to the actual back-end resources based on its configuration. 



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