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Snapshot Policy Per Volume Command



Does anyone know of a command I can run to actuall get the snapshot poliy that is actually applied per volume on my ONTAP 9  cluster?


I was thinking something like volume "snapshot policy show -fields vserver -vserver * fields" and then AFTER the "fields" command I couldn't think of what to actually put that would work. 


So, I not only want to Snapshot policies on the array, I also want to know what each volume has applied to it specifically.


Thanks in advance!




Re: Snapshot Policy Per Volume Command

"snapshot policy show -vserver * -fields policy" will show you a list of SVMs and their snapshot policies. "vol show * -fields snapshot-policy" will give you a list of all the volumes in your cluster and their assigned snapshot policy. 

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Re: Snapshot Policy Per Volume Command

Thanks for the quick assitance on this one!!



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