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SVM DR Testing (PowerShell Scripts)


Hi there, with the introduction of SVM DR, we need to look at changing our DR processes for unstructured data volumes.

Has anybody wrote or had any experience with using poweshell scripts that can be used to create a clone of the destination SVM, including a clone of all the volumes and shares hosted on it. (So this can be brought up in a "bubble").




@ITSSANSTORAGE  i replied to this post earlier but can't see the message any more - did you received an email alert with the message that you can maybe copy?


@AlexDawson  do you perhaps know who manage the community these days and can check why the message disappeared?  (I'm sure it was up - I even edited it)

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK


Here's a reponse from GidonMarcus.




There's a useful module one of the NetApp SE's wrote for SVM DR ( @masson  )



There's also dedicated SVM DR  pack for WFA that can be used.



Now, the SVM DR should replicate ALL the SVM volumes, and the shares configuration. However, if you chose not to replicate them. or not to use the SVM DR and just use SM.you can use this script (By @parisi and others) 



You can use the following PS line to compare the two shares permissions and configurations between two SVMs every few hours/nights/weeks - i think it's best that they always identical rather copied.

#region Check that CIFS shares matched between Prod and DR $CifsSharesThatDontHaveExactMatchInDR = Get-NcCifsShare -Controller $clustersSessions | select Vserver,ShareName, @{Name='ShareProperties';Expression={$($_.ShareProperties | sort) -join ';'}}, @{Name='Acl';Expression={$_.Acl -join ';'}} | Group-Object path,sharename,ACL,ShareProperties | ? count -lt 2 | select -ExpandProperty Group | sort ShareName # Will only output issues #endregion Check that CIFS shares matched between Prod and DR

Taken from my script at



Thanks @ITSSANSTORAGE  so odd that it got deleted...

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK
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