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Volume attributes sometimes initialized and sometimes not

Hello, sorry if this is in the wrong discussion section. I have an issue with some of my read-only volumes sometimes not having space attributes.


for cluster in cluster_list:
  server = netapp.netapp_login(cluster)
  request = server.invoke('aggr-get-iter', 'max-records', 10000).child_get('attributes-list')
  if request is None:
    print "No aggregate attributes were found for cluster:", cluster
  request = request.children_get()
  for a in request:
    aggr_name = a.child_get_string('aggregate-name')
    space_attrs = a.child_get('aggr-space-attributes')
    if space_attrs is None:
      print "No space attributes were found for:", aggr_name, cluster
    size = space_attrs.child_get_string('size-total')
    used = space_attrs.child_get_string('size-used')


The error messages look like this: 

No space attributes for: edadisk002_ro_6a torcfs01 No space attributes for: edagroup_ro_5b torcfs01 No space attributes for: edalicense_ro_5b torcfs01


And they aren't consistent. This script runs every five minutes but I'll get this notification for different volume(s) each time and only a couple times a day (or none at all). Any idea why this could be happening?


Re: Volume attributes sometimes initialized and sometimes not


Please provide the below command output from the Command Line on the cluster from SSH session over putty etc.,

To see the OS version, aggr details and number and limits of ZAPI


::*> version

::*> aggr show-view

::*> ontapi limits show