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ONTAP Select pool create error

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Dear experts

I install ontap select in centos 7,when create pool there is the following error,  dm-2 is from external storage.

#virsh pool-define-as pool03 logical --source-dev /dev/dm-2 --target=/dev/pool03
# virsh pool-build pool03

#virsh pool-start pool03
error: Failed to start pool pool03
error: unsupported configuration: cannot find any matching source devices for logical volume group 'pool03'


Re: ONTAP Select pool create error

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As you have not mentioned the Ontap select deploy utiltiy version, do you mind checking the compatbility matrix ? The minimum version I see supported for Centos is : 7.4


Folllowing link is for interoperability checks:

ONTAP Select Deploy Version Support Table [END-OF-FUll Support/Veison Support]

Some pointers:
Configuration of the storage pools (Page 31)

Deployment on KVM:

Once you have confirmed the compability is sorted and you are still getting this error then someone with Ontap select expertise will get back to you.


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