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Storing configuration in WFA


Is there a way to store configuration in WFA instead of hardcoding url in your powershell or perl scripts. please share some documentation if there is a way to do so.


Re: Storing configuration in WFA


OnCommand Workflow Automation:


Select the version you intend to work with and click 'All Documents', under this you will find 'Workflow Developer's Guide' this should be helpful.


This TR is also good:
Using OnCommand Workflow Automation with the WFA Pack for ACI to Provision Storage Networks



If there is anything specific you are looking for then you can always post the specific query to forum,  someone will know for sure.

Re: Storing configuration in WFA




Yes there is, could you please expand on what it is you are trying to achive? That would be helpful to provide an answer that is relevant to your requirement? EG a URL for what? Are there multiple URL's for varying systems? What are you using those URL's for? In WFA terms you can could create your own datasource and dictionaries to store this information if you have multiple URL's for varying systems or if it's a just a single URL that requires variable input into your workflow (EG a URL for a cluster based on the name or IP address) you can set workflow constant and concatenate the URL using a variable value. 

Can you share more details on what you'd like to achieve?



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