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Trident and SIS

Does anyone know if Trident supports ONTAP 9 volume efficiency. I.e. configuring dedup, compression, compaction, etc on a volume when it's created?


I couldn't find anything about it.


Nate Itkin


Re: Trident and SIS

Storage efficiencies happen "below" Trident - they work as they would with any other NFS or iSCSI shares (not just Trident)


There are some settings that can help you optimize how you use certain features (thin clones, snapshots)

Re: Trident and SIS

Except with AFF where some amount of SIS default behavior is a possibility, you would need to login to the controller to configure SIS after volume creation. Doesn't that leave a gap in automated storage provisioning?

Re: Trident and SIS

By default all inline features are enabled with AFF. You can get good performance with Trident (I have seen where a certain auto manufacturer uses it quite successfully on AFF). If you create a volume unless the script does something funky or inline features are disabled, it should work just fine.

Re: Trident and SIS

Yes, but what about provisioning and managing efficiency on non-AFF?

Re: Trident and SIS

I'm not sure if the API does configure dedupe or can. You might try and see if one of the Trident guys is available. I think they also are on Freenode IRC.

Re: Trident and SIS

You could use the regular Trident or K8S tools to identify those volumes, and then ONTAP API or CLI to modify efficiency settings for them. I'm not aware of a built-in way.


For non-AFF storage, Trident volumes often come and go faster than you can deduplicate data, so maybe it'd work well for very static environments with lots of duplicate data.

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