Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Which cloud product for snapvaults?


We currently have two on-premise physical datacentres with a FAS in each.


Our snapvault target is growing towards it capacity.

So we are considering moving some of the older/dormant backup data from the snapvault target to AWS to free up local disk space as we almost never restore after the first week.


Current snapshot >> snap vault set up (datacentre1 >> datacentre2)
Every 4 hours (5 per day) x 7 days >> Every 4 hours (5 per day) x 28 days


Maybe move to (datacentre1 >> datacentre2 >> cloud)
Every 4 hours (5 per day) x 7 days >> Every 4 hours (5 per day) x 7 days >> then 28 x daily only
I'm confused by which NetApp cloud product would be best suited for our scenario?
NetApp Data Availability Services in 9.6?
Cloud Volumes Ontap?
Any thoughts or advice would be very much apprecited.


Cloud volumes ONTAP actually means to run ONTAP in the cloud. that will cost you in storage space, compute and licence. that high use of compute - maybe more fit for DR, so it is available at anytime (with no need to restore).


according to

NDAS should be available in a few weeks. according to the Demo - tha's seems like the right solution for backups in the cloud. and the only compute resource it seems to require is just to run the web interface and orchestrator.


There's an option for you to tier the current backup system to the cloud with will still need your physical system to access the data (as the fabric pool files in the S3 will not be readable by any other system). if your snapvault system is still under support - that will likely be the most cost effective way to expand it if it reached the hardware limit. you can see this scenario on page 8 of


i can suggest another option. and that's to find a 3rd party with NetApp that will do the snapvault for you. i know two vendors in the UK that doing it. but there's likely more.



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK


Thanks Gidi,


Our FAS are spinning disk, so Fabric Pool is out with it being AFF or SSD only.


We have spoken to a supplier, so have snap in their datacentre as an option.


We just need to cost compare our options.


As you say, there appears to be little overhead to NDAS other than provisioning (and costing of) some S3 AWS disk.


Any idea where I can find NDAS documentation?    Can't seem to find much reference on the support portal.