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SnapCreator 4.0P1 plugin MaxDB unquiesce sometimes failes



our customer needs to upgrade their Ontap version and thus must update to SC 4.0P1 because this is the only supported version - unfortunately, they experienced problems with the MaxDB plugin.

Sometimes the database does not get unquiesced after a backup and the customer needs to do it manually. The problem does not occur with SC 3.3.

NetApp case #2004482006 was opened to resolve this issue. It was researched to be a plugin issue. However, I was told that my customer will receive support through the community site, as this maxdb plugin is not supported through Netapp Technical support center.

I have attached  Att4.debug.20130801210846.log which shows that SC cannot unquiesce the database. Manual unquiesce however works without problems and again, SC 3.3 does not have this problem.

Problem occurs with SC 4.0P1 only

SC-Server 4.0p1

OS: Server2008R2

SC-Clients 4.0p1

OS: Server 2008, 2008R2, 2003

MAXDB Version 7.6.05 to 7.9.07 - problem occurs with all MaxDB versions.

I have a scdump from the customer which I can send by mail. As it was diagnosed a communication issue between SC and MaxDB, is it related to

This is a big problem for the customer, as they have to watch every backup closely so they can react in time an unquiesce the database.



In SC 4.0 MaxDB is a supported plugin, it is listed in the support matrix:

Do you have console messages from SC Agent at time of error? If you run agent in debug you should see console messages "./snapcreator --start-agent 9090 --verbose --debug". Those messages would be helpful.

This does not appear to be a plugin issue however and the plugin hasnt changed much since SC 3.3. A root cause needs to be done  and for that we definitely need NGS otherwise we wont be able to fix this issue promptly. As you can imagine NGS issues and escalations always get a higher priority.

Another possible option would be a PVR to allow support in your case for ONTAP version with SC 3.3 but that would require NGS as well.




Hi Keith,

I will try to get the console messages from the customer. In the meantime, would it be possible for you to review case #2004482006 as the engineers have already done an analysis of the problem?




Ok sounds good

As I said I reviewed the logs, this does not appear to be a plugin issue, more investigation is required.