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Snapcenter SCSQL- supported AAG and FCI Configurations



Category1: SnapCenter

Category2: SnapCenter Plug-in for SQL

Detailed Symptom: SCSQL - Supported configurations



We have three questions that need to be answered regarding the customer's current environment.


Customer have 3 SQL Availability group Instances and 1 standalone FCI SQL Instance  simultaneously running on two Node Windows Cluster (clustername COREPRDSQL16 ) .teh above config is supported by Microsoft .


 we have successfully configured the 3 SQL Availability group Instances in snapcenter and backups are running fine. However we run into  issues with discovering databases for the 1 standalone FCI SQL Instance  ( COREPRDFCI)


 This is the error message we get on the FCI:


2021-02-04T17:27:43.8649148-08:00 DEBUG SmSql_1846 PID=[3104] TID=[5] GetSqlAccess Exit

2021-02-04T17:27:43.8669223-08:00 DEBUG SmSql_1846 PID=[3104] TID=[5] Connecting to SQL Server: [coreprdsql16dtc\COREPRDFCI]

2021-02-04T17:28:44.2537893-08:00 ERROR SmSql_1846 PID=[3104] TID=[35] ConnectionFailureException: Failed to connect to server coreprdsql16dtc\COREPRDFCI. A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. (provider: TCP Provider, error: 0 - The remote computer refused the network connection.). The remote computer refused the network connection

2021-02-04T17:28:44.2567999-08:00 ERROR SmSql_1846 PID=[3104] TID=[35] ErrorCode (-1), ErrorMessage (The SQL instance 'coreprdsql16dtc\COREPRDFCI' is either stopped or the user synopsys\svc-qstsql does not have required permission. Error: Failed to connect to server coreprdsql16dtc\COREPRDFCI.)

2021-02-04T17:28:44.2588074-08:00 WARN  SmSql_1846 PID=[3104] TID=[35] The SQL Instance coreprdsql16dtc\COREPRDFCI is either in stopped state or the user does not have required permission

2021-02-04T17:28:44.2598105-08:00 WARN  SmSql_1846 PID=[3104] TID=[35] EnumerateOneHostAGs Failed : The SQL instance 'coreprdsql16dtc\COREPRDFCI' is either stopped or the user synopsys\svc-qstsql does not have required permission. Error: Failed to connect to server coreprdsql16dtc\COREPRDFCI.

2021-02-04T17:28:44.2618180-08:00 DEBUG SmSql_1846 PID=[3104] TID=[35] End : EnumerateOneHostAGs  


Question#1 The account used is the same account as other AG instances with sysadmin rights in corresponding SQL instance DBS.  SVM is the same . So no storage connection issues . Why the SQL DB discovery fails.  Any things to do with static port being used for this SQL instance?





 can we run SQL AG and SQL FCI in the same Windows cluster for snapcenter ? Is this a supported configuration for SnapCenter?


Question #3  The  two nodes of the windows clusters are in 2 different datacenter locations and each windows nodes has two different IPs in two different subnets  . When we fail over teh SQL resources to the second node, we are unable to enumerate the databases on the second node.  Do we support this configuration?



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