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The OCI server is not connect to the internet for any update. I have two data sources that failed inventory because of New Disk Type detected. They are NetApp X477_HMKPX04TA07 and HITACHI HUS724020ALA64SM. I am able the find the info for NetApp X477_HMKPX04TA07 but not HITACHI HUS724020ALA64SM. Does anyone have any information about the HITACHI? Can you also check my syntax for the NetApp X477 (X477_HMKPX04TA07,NETAPP,X477_HMKPX04TA07,7200,4000,FSAS).


Thanks, Linh


Re: new_disk_models.txt

What version of OCI are you running? 7.0.2, or Service Pack 2 for OCI 7.0.1 has HUS724020ALA64SM,HGST,HUS724020ALA64SM,7200,2000,SATA,8.0,181.0,750.0, defined. If your OCI server cannot have internet access, installing OCI maintenance releases or the latest data source service pack is a way to consume new disk definitions as well as other fixes. I am worried about your other definition - not sure FSAS is a supported type. OCI 7.0.2 has this definition: X477_HMKPX04TA07,SEAGATE,X477_HMKPX04TA07,7200,4000,SAS,5.0,160.0,300.0,

Re: new_disk_models.txt

Hi Matt,


My OCI version is 7.0.1 build 100.

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