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OnTAP 9.6 and 7MTT

Thankfully, I discovered today that OnTAP 9.6 will not support the 7 Mode Transition Tool, according to the Release Notes. I say "thankfully" because I'm about to deploy our first OnTAP Select cluster in the next few days and was planning to put 9.6 on it, however I need to run the 7MTT to transition content from an old 2220 so I will now deploy 9.5P6. To any NetApp engineers who read this, I would like to request that the 7MTT be made compatible with 9.6. 7-mode is supported through spring of next year, and this is the time where we will be pushing to get our last handful of small offices with old 7-mode based 2220s onto a cdot based system. I'm sure we are not alone. Would love to hear anyone else's thoughts on this!


Re: OnTAP 9.6 and 7MTT

That may or may not happen. Support was officially removed for TDP (Trtansition Data Protection) Mirrors which is what is ultimately used between 7-mode and ONTAP. I've "heard" that if you open a case with support, there may be a work around. If there is, it likely will not (at least should not) be posted in any community forum.

Re: OnTAP 9.6 and 7MTT

Interesting. Thanks @TMAC_CTG . I still think it should fully be supported through next Winter. This is the time when the final 7 mode transtions will likely be going on, as it will be for us.

Re: OnTAP 9.6 and 7MTT

How do Netapp propose to handle customers that have data on 7 mode devices, in getting that data across to there new Netapp devices / data fabric?