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Oncommand console VMware Backups

I am trying to create a dataset using the new Oncommand console to backup and then mirror my VMware datastores. Although I can create a local backup and perform the backup, the "" is greyed out.

Any ideas?




Re: Oncommand console VMware Backups


If the dataset is in conforming state, the option will be greyed out and should be enabled after the dataset is conformant.

I assume you had attached storage service with "Backup then Mirror" Policy.



Re: Oncommand console VMware Backups

Hi Kjag, with Oncommand, creating a dataset for vmware is different to that of Protection manager, you can't actually seem to assign a policy to the dataset, unless of course I'm missing something here.

Re: Oncommand console VMware Backups

Hi David,

We can associate a protection policy to a vmware dataset using Storage Service.  Instead of directly associating a protection policy to the dataset you need to do the below.

1. From NMC, create a storage service and associate the appropriate protection policy(Say Backup then Mirror).

2. Note: No need to attach primary Resource Pool and provisioning policy for the same. Only attaching the secondary resource pool is enough.

3. Attach the service into the vmware dataset. So the protection policy attached to the service will start applicable for the vmware dataset.


Re: Oncommand console VMware Backups

Ah yes, got it now. Thanks.

Re: Oncommand console VMware Backups

hello, i am in the same configuration.

Could you give me more details please on how to setup this configuratio or a step by step ? I want to snapmirror my smvi backed up datastore to a secondary storage. Wich policy should i use ? backup primary, then backup to secondary... wil use snapvault ? and not snapmirror ?

I also don't want to use an automatique provision policy. Should set up a snapmirror relationship first ?

thank you in advance for your help.