Shelf firmware update issues...

Hello everyone,

I have an issue with one of my production machines. I had to replace a IOM module but was unfortunately preloaded with a higher firmware. I have 5 Shelves and was only looking to update the specific shelf.  I followed all the instructions and for some reason, I can't get the command to recognize that specific shelf. This machine is running mixed path ( 3 shelves on multi-path and 2 shelves on single path). These are the commands I am running and errors that I receive. btw, I'm running Data ONTAP Release 7.3.2. In Red font color is my error.

priv set advanced

options shelf.fw.ndu.enable

storage download shelf 1c.shelf60


I ran a few commands to confirm this was the shelf ID number and adapter.

NetappHostname> storage show shelf 1c.shelf60
Shelf name:    1c.shelf60
Channel:       1c
Module:        A
Shelf id: 60
Shelf UID:     50:05:0c:c1:xx:xx:xx:xx
Shelf S/N:     SHU-----------
Term switch:   N/A
Shelf state:   ONLINE
Module state:  OK

This was from the Storage Environment command on shelf 60

Channel: 1c

        Shelf: 60

        SES device path: local access: 1c.60.99

        Module type: IOM3; monitoring is active

        Shelf status: normal condition

        SES Configuration, shelf 60:

         logical identifier=0x50050cc102016f30

         vendor identification=NETAPP


NetappHostname*> storage download shelf 1c.shelf60

        Error: shelf ID 60 not found on channel 1c.


I heard of soft addressing but I don't think that is the issue. Maybe it's a glitch in data ontap. I'm not sure. If you have any information on what's going on or a possible work around please let me know.

Thank you!!!

Re: Shelf firmware update issues...

Have you tried using just the adapter ID?

storage download shelf 1.shelf60

I've never tried just updating a single shelf so I can't test it.  The instructions call for the adapter ID, which sounds like it does not want the channel:

storage download shelf [ -R ] [ adapter | shelf ]

        Downloads new firmware to disk shelves attached  to
        adapter  name adapter .  If the name is of the form
        adapter.shelfN where N is an integer,  then  it  is
        considered  to  be  the name of the shelf with ID N
        attached to the adapter.  In  this  case  only  the
        specified shelf is updated.

        If neither the adapter nor the shelf name is speci-
        fied, then all shelves  attached  to  all  adapters
        will  be  updated.  For example, the following com-
        mand updates all shelves attached to adapter 5:
        storage download shelf 5
        The following command updates shelf 3  attached  to
        adapter 8:
        storage download shelf 8.shelf3

        The -R option allows the firmware to be reverted to
        the version shipped with  the  current  Data  ONTAP

Re: Shelf firmware update issues...

After I posted this, I thought of the same thing!!!. I noticed C was channel. I'll give it a try in a few days and let you know. Thanks...