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All non-IO related activity on the storage system in recorded in ?


All non-IO related activity on the storage system in recorded in ?


A)DAC Store or NVSRAM ?


I was taking Netapp exam where I came across this above question, I was not sure if it was NVSRAM or DAC Store, can some one please help with correct answer?


I am thinking this would be NVSRAM as it will only store boot related info.

DAC store stores error logs and backup OS images.


Please help!!



You can obtain all the necessary information in order to pass the E-Series exam if you just plan to take the following NetApp course (is Instructor-based or Virtual Live)


The course is (Configuring and Monitoring NetApp E-Series and EF-Series Storage Systems) or STRHW-ILT-COMNESES
Fast Lane and Qskills they offering this course if you are in EMEA.

Course description

In this course you can learn how to configure a new E-Series or EF-Series storage system and establish connectivity with a SAN. How to use the SANtricity® storage management software and CLI to manage the E-Series and EF-Series controllers. You also use SANtricity storage management software features to restore data. Additionally, you learn how to support and monitor E-Series and EF-Series storage systems by performing various troubleshooting tasks, such as evaluating support data and using the built-in tools to identify storage system errors.


The answer is written in the student-guide (FYI: neither is the DAC Store or NVSRAM).


hope it helps