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unified manager 5.2.2 problem adding hosts


Hi all, I have a problem - I want to add 2 hosts into UM but it seems that the server cannot communicate with the controllers.


When I do a 


dfm host diag hostname

i get the following response:


Network Connectivity
IP Address xx.xx.xx.xx (correct ip)
Network None
DNS Aliases (correct dns name)
DNS Addresses xx.xx.xx.xx (correct ip)
SNMP Version in Use SNMPv1
SNMPv1 Passed (46 ms)
SNMP Community abcdefgh
SNMP sysName (correct dns name)
SNMP sysObjectID . (Clustered Filer)
SNMP productId 1874135854
SNMPv3 Failed: No SNMPv3 username specified.

SNMPv3 Auth Protocol
SNMPv3 Privacy Enabled No
SNMPv3 Username
ICMP Echo Passed (0 ms)
HTTP Passed (0 ms)
Host Agent Connect Failed (transport http; port 4092) (I think this is my problem but I do not know how to fix it...)


This are the same for both controllers:


However, when I try to add the system via the GUI, it seems to time out (I have increased the timeout settings to 500), and then eventually it passes the initial screen where one enter the hostname / IP to go to the authentication screen. Once there I enter the credentials, but after that it comes up wiith a screen that it cannot validate the credentials.


I have confirmed SSL and HTTP admin and TLS, eveyhing seems to be working.


I am in the process of migrating a v-filer to new controllers and only have the week-end to do so. I will be very glad if someone can assist me .... Please??


I am running DOT 8.2.3P2 7-M with OCUM 5.2.2 (I ugraded to 5.2.3 and the problem still exists...)


Just something else - the "new"systems that I want to add was previously in UM, but the IP addresses changed. Can it be that the GUI wants to connect to the wrong IP's? Although this systems was deleted it still shows the credentials of the deleted system?