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Backup with Veeam v10 of SVMs CIFS from replica in DR site




What would be the procedure to solve the following question?


CIFS volumes at the primary site replicated with Snapmirror to the DR site.

The SVM CIFS Replica that Snapmirror generates is OFF.

How to backup CIFS volumes with Veeam v10 using SVM replica as source?


Thank you





Yes, should be able to do it with Veeam (for that sake Most backup software which integrates with NetApp).


In general, as long as the Cluster/SVM (Secondary-DR) is added to your Backup GUI as 'NAS' Device, you should be able to browse to the Volumes underneath the SVM and select the CIFS_Mirrored volume.


I suggest raise a ticket with Veeam support and they should be able to walk you through, as these options are configurable from the Backup GUI.




Thanks for the reply.
When I add the DR site NetApp to Veeam the SVM CIFS Replica that Snapmirror generated does not appear.





Every GUI is different, therefore it is advisable to have Veeam support along. 


If you are intending to back it up via NDMP: It must be added as 'NAS' device (DR SVM directly or via Clust_mgmt_IP) and NDMP extensions must be enabled. As this is a CIFS (file-system is on Filer side), so adding it as NAS device is usually enough.  I don't know how it works with Veeam, you could either have a look at the admin guide for your veeam version o just reach out to veeam forum.





Veeam allows CIFS backup from a storage snapshot.

But how do you tell the path to snapshots that Snapmirror to the DR site has replicated?

"\\ <IP SVM> \ share" is the same for Main-NetApp and DR-NetApp

Is there any other path to access snapshots that Snapmirror replicates?




I am looking at the possibility of using NDMP for backup to tape in Veeam.


When I run the command:


cluster::> security login create -user-or-group-name ndmpuser -application ssh -authmethod password -vserver <SVM-name> -role vsadmin-backup

NetApp responds:

Error: command failed: This operation is not permitted on a Vserver that is configured as the destination for Vserver DR.


Is it possible to use NDMP to tape from a volume that's part of the SVM-DR relationship?

From Veeam they tell me that it is possible.
How to configure NDMP to do it?



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