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Changing INTERCLUSTER LIF ip address


Hello, We discovered a potential duplicate IP address in our network that requires up to change at least one of our intercluster LIFs to another in the same subnet.

What I am trying to understand is I have a pair of FAS2620's and the replication between them is broken (different issue). Is the intercluster LIF address used for communication between the 2620's or between the individual nodes inside the the 2620?

The address in question is n2_IC_lif1   SAN1-02    a0b

The netapps are being used for Vmware 6.5. each supporting a different cluster.

Thanks for any help.




Re: Changing INTERCLUSTER LIF ip address


The Intercluster is just used to talk to remote NetApps cluster. 


The Internal comms is done over the cluster network  and uses auto-generated 169.x.x.x addresses.    Look at your "cluster" broadcast domain to see what ports those are using.  

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Re: Changing INTERCLUSTER LIF ip address


SpindleNinja - Thanks for your response. This confirms what i was suspecting. 


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