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First Time On This Discussion, a General Question On Shelfs and on Powershell Cmdlets


I am working on powershell scripts for netapp to configure and verify against a baseline.  Is there a good Fourm for Questions and Contrubitions?

For Example:  I created a function that returns the results of Invoke-NcSsh as a Object instead of a string.

I am also working on a replacment for Invoke-NcSsh that does not require putty.  Should be much faster...


I also have a Shelf question.  Assume that I have a Cluster on the other side of the planet, and I need to know the shelf ID for the base and the extra shelf. without putting eyes on the hardware how can I deturming what hardware has what ID?


Thanks inadvance.






The PowerShell Toolkit 9.6 FAQ has some information on support and enhancement requests:


3 Support
How do I Get Support for PSTK?
Answer: PSTK is supported through community discussions. You can post your queries on ONTAP Community Discussions and SANtricity Community Discussions.

How do We Submit Enhancement Requests?
Answer: Please submit these requests using the community discussion described above.


As to your shelf question, a couple options come to mind:


1. The Cluster Viewer component of Active IQ, which can show you a Stack Diagram that will include  a diagram with shelf IDs, serial numbers, disks, etc. 

2. The Visualization portion of a Config Advisor data collection job (Run data collection for the cluster in question, click on View & Analyze, and then click on the cabling diagram under the "Visualization" header.  *Note*: You will need to  check the box to "enable visualization and device details" within the Config Advisor settings menu to get this data


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