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Installing FAS8200 with ADP


Greetings - I'm trying to reinstall Ontap 9.6P2 w/ADP on a FAS8200 with DS212C shelf w/12x8TB disk and a DS224C shelf w/24x2TB SAS disks.


The VAR did not configure ADP originally and used up some of the 7TB for the root partitions. When I go through the re-init, I'm choosing Option 9 --> Option 9A (both nodes), then reboot and choose option 9B.


When the system comes back up with ADP, it is setting drives on both shelves as 'shared', with  each shelf/node hosting an aggr0xxx  - Using 10 drives on each shelf e.g.:


DS212C Shelf:

1.11.0 7.14TB 11 0 FSAS shared a01n02_SATA, aggr0_lndscl02_02


DS224C Shelf:

2.12.0 1.63TB 12 0 SAS shared a02n01_SAS, aggr0_lndscl02_01


Is this how ADP is supposed to look on a FAS8200? Am I able to set it up so that on the DS212C/8TB disk shelf has ADP installed?


Thx for any info!





Hi. You can disconnect one of the shelves or take disks out while you do- it so it dosen't apply to them....  the initialization will try to use as many drives as supported for the ADP. (see HWU for the different config)

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK


Hi Gidi -


Thanks for response!


The system is remote with no onsite support, so I will most likley just live with the small space that gets used up on the 2Tb drives as the usable space will shrink a bit on each drive for aggregate use.


Thx again,








You can maybe disable the disks bays from remote:



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK
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