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Link a specific given volume with an existing raid group


Hello guys,


I recently added 5 x 1.8TB disks to an existing Raid Group in an existing aggregate.


My concerns are:


- Is it possible to link a new volumce which will be used for CIFS protocol service to this existing Raid group where the new disks have been added ?

We would like that new CIFS volume data to be stored and written on these new disks, or it's not possible due to write anywhere file system ?


- In general, is there any possibility to know on which disks the new data will be written and stored ?


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Aggregates are the raw space in your storage system. You take a bunch of individual disks and bind them together into aggregates.  But, an aggregate can't actually hold data, until you carve out partitions, which in NetApp land are called volumes. The volumes hold the data.


The block level data will be stripped across the disks that form the aggregates depending on the RAID type.


There is no way that you can say these blocks of data will be written on this specific DISK. The blocks are striped as per RAID technology.


More on NetApp RAID DP for your knowledge is on