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I work for EAARO.ORG.UK, we are a smal group of Radio Astronomers with a number of projects on the go all of which will require vasts amounts storage. Recently we have had a very generous dontation of Racks and Equipment which I plan to setup as data Centre  - trhe NetApp kit includes NAF-0702 - MPN: FAS3160 and a number of DS14 MK4 (other kit is mainly HP and Sun) - whist Im an IT prpject Manager i have no specific NetApp Knowledge (sorry) and wonder if this may the the right forum to ask questions








A little about your equipment. The FAS3160 will only support ONTAP 8.2.5P3.  It will require licenses that are tied to the controllers for you to use it.  I would recommend you find and contact your local NetApp area manager and see if the can help you out with licensing.   


You may need to create an account to access these links. The closest active link to your equipment would be this a FAS32xx :    

Keep in mind only general cabling base configuration will be similar if not almost the same. 


Here's a link to help you cable the disk shelves to the controllers


I hope this helps.


Hi John,


Welcome to Community forum!


I am not a NetApp community moderator but as a active user of this forum I can tell you that you are more than welcome to post your questions here. As I can see the FILER MODEL and Disk Shelves are well past their END OF LIFE and END OF SERVICE, hence it's obvious that you cannot open a ticket with NetApp support officially for any technical queries but you can post all those here at this forum, and we have a large community of experts which you can benefit from, just that the responses may not be quick and may not be attended on priority, otherwise you are good to post here.


Thanks to both for the responses, I think my next step will be go and examine the kit and get somodel numbers (especially for the racks ) and then use the NetApp rack tool to place the kit and determine the physical distribution and the power requirments  which  will then post for a QA



John B


Hi John,


Can you drop me a LinkedIn message or a private message with your email here?


If the equipment is in Lambeth (As your website suggest the address is) and you reckon you got all the cabling (to connect the shelves ideally you need 4 cables +2 for each shelf, and enough power cords for all the sockets) i can drop in for a few hours in an afternoon or a weekend and help with the initial configuration.


i will highly suggest to leave at least one shelf as spare - as this hardware i over 10 years old and likely to fail frequently. if the data is critical to the project - it's worth considering a good backup plan before putting any data on it (and we can perhaps use the existing hardware as both primary storage and backup, so worth thinking of - before deploying, as you might want to split the hardware to two sites/rooms).


i can also speak with some of my contacts and try to get some more up-to-date equipment (not sure they will be up for it due to data protection, but can try).  i think more up to date equipment will also be more power efficient.



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