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statistics lun show command


When running the following command :


statistics lun show


I do not get the Lun column? What Am I doing wrong? I am on CDOT 9.6.


My results are the following :


Vserver Ops Ops Ops Ops (Bps) (Bps) (ms)
------------- ------ ---- ----- ----- ------- -------- -------
svm 890 98 785 3 1323008 11705856 0
svm 833 25 804 3 331776 13580672 0
svm 748 24 717 4 100352 6726528 0
svm 690 0 686 3 4096 7643136 0
svm 497 31 462 3 301056 10102784 0
svm 453 197 250 3 14473216


I am just trying to get my lun stats. Is there another command I need to do??





Seems that according to

- you should get it. i suggest to open a case with Support to see if they can reproduce it (i don't have a 9.6 filer at the moment).


in the meanwhile, have you tried using the -field parameter on that command, or using one of the scripting modules (powershell/python) to get the information ?

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK


I did put a ticket in and waiting on an answer. I have tried using the -field parameter with no luck.  I just downloaded and installed the powershell kit in my lab and will start playing with it. I am new to powershell so hopefully I can find what I need.

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