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Netapp Docs connect error with cDOT

When trying to run NetappDocs against a cDOT array the script returns the below error. I'm able to SSH in via putty.



PS C:\Users\t15jr5p> Get-NtapClusterData -Name '' -Credential (Get-Credential) -Verbose | Format-NtapClusterData -Verbose | Out-NtapDocument -WordFile 'c:\temp\nyl_ntapclus_lab01.Docx' -ExcelFile 'C:\temp\nyl_ntapclus_lab01.xlsx' -Verbose

cmdlet Get-Credential at command pipeline position 1
Supply values for the following parameters:
VERBOSE: Validating connectivity to system:
VERBOSE: Using supplied credentials
Get-NtapClusterData : Unable to gather data from system: Reason: Incorrect credentials for
At line:1 char:20
+ Get-NtapClusterData <<<< -Name '' -Credential (Get-Credential) -Verbose | Format-NtapClusterData -Verbose
| Out-NtapDocument -WordFile 'c:\temp\nyl_ntapclus_lab01.Docx' -ExcelFile 'C:\temp\nyl_ntapclus_lab01.xlsx' -Verbose
+ CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (Smiley Happy [Write-Error], WriteErrorException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.WriteErrorException,Get-NtapClusterData

WARNING: Empty dataset found so document generation not possible



Re: Netapp Docs connect error with cDOT

For powershell to work in cdot, you need to create a security login access to ontapi.


Also, ensure your domain-tunnel is working in 8.3 if you are using domain authentication

Re: Netapp Docs connect error with cDOT

Hi, I'm using version 4.1 with an cDOT 8.3.1 and the cmdlet "Get-NtapClusterData" does not exist.

(Get-NtapClusterData &colon; The term 'Get-NtapClusterData' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file,.....)


Is this some kind of addon? Where can I get it?



Re: Netapp Docs connect error with cDOT



You'll want to start a new topic for new questions in the usually leads to much better visiblity and faster responses.


That being said, I beleive that cmdlet is a part of the NetAppDocs package, avaialable from the toolchest here.


Hope that helps.



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