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cDOT existing export , add new IP


i looked at Get-NcExportRule & Get-NcExportPolicy & get-ncvol 


How to i add new IP to existing policy (or export) , its a NFS export. 


I know the policy name,vserver name, i could not see the junction path from - Get-NcExportRule & Get-NcExportPolicy 


from client side i think i know the junction path only , the get-ncvol gives only juction path, but that does not tell repective policy name 


how to co-related these 3 cmds to get the policy name etc ?

Also how to add new ip ?


i would like to check single script which can show below


1. vserver

2. clinetMatch

3. controller

4. policyname 

5. which ips has RW & which has say RO 







Re: cDOT existing export , add new IP


To add a new ip to an existing export policy try this:

New-NcExportRule name-of-export-policy -clientmatch -ReadOnlySecurityFlavor any -ReadWriteSecurityFlavor any -SuperUserSecurityFlavor any

Re: cDOT existing export , add new IP


Hello @Kirand1979,


@Socra is correct, though you can also pipeline the Get-NcExportPolicy into New-NcExportRule. There are some examples of managing access to exports (and shares and LUNs) here.


Hope that helps!



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