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vmdk convert to vhdx



I am testing vmdk convert to vhdx using powershell.

When execute convert command, following error occurred.

NetApp SVM name: vsshift

Do I need to add other procedures?

Please advise to me.

Best Regards,



C:\Users\administrator.SMBTEST> Connect-NCController -Name -Credential vsadmin -HTTPS

e Address           Vserver              Version

- -------           -------              -------

  1. 130.204.116 takano_vsshift       NetApp Release 8.2P3 Cluster-Mode: Thu Sep 12 01:13:07 P...

PS C:\Users\administrator.SMBTEST> ConvertTo-NcVhdx -SourceVmdk \\vsshift\share_shift\Win2012-1\Win2012-1.vmdk -DestinationVhdx \\vsshift\share_shift\Win2012-1\Win2012-1.vhdx

ConvertTo-NcVhdx : Could not find file \\vsshift\share_shift\Win2012-1\Win2012-1.vmdk on NetApp.

line:1 string:1

+ ConvertTo-NcVhdx -SourceVmdk \\vsshift\share_shift\Win2012-1\Win2012-1.vmdk -Des ...

+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [ConvertTo-NaVhdx], ArgumentException

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : System.ArgumentException,DataONTAP.PowerShell.SDK.Cmdlets.Toolkit.HyperV.ConvertToNaVhd


Re: vmdk convert to vhdx


I’ve solved this issue with help of NetApp colleague.

And it occurred additional issues and find solutions, I write down problem and solution follows.

Problem 1

Could not find file \\test_SV\test_share_\Win2012-1\Win2012-1.vmdk on NetApp.


PSTK version is old.

Update PSTK to latest version. ZAPI module in old PSTK include some bug.

Problem 2

xxx.vmdk is not on NetApp storage


Divide data lif and management lif. and connect to management lit using Connect-NCController command.

If your SVM have only data lif , create management lif , and connect to storage management lif.

Problem 3

Source and destination files must reside on the same controller


Specific that IP address directly in the covertto-ncVHD cmdlet instead of DNS name(machine name).

I hope to help you.

And I would like to thank their colleagues who work together to solve problems!


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