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2552 8.2.2 7-Mode > Ontap 9


Been using a 2-node FAS2552 for quite some time for basic NFS/CIFS exports. It's running in 7-mode 8.2.2 at the moment.


Snapvault custom schedueles are being used for retention (creating snapshots) and some OSSV jobs running as integrated part of that.

Nothing fancy but I do have some SSD cache disks and 2x fully loaded 2240 behind it.


I need advice on whether it would be possible to upgrade to Ontap9? Will I loose any features? If I have a service contract am I entitled to do so without further expenses?

It is my understanding that the entire system must be rebuilt.


My primary goal is to gain advantage of the redesigned deduplication and probably a handful of other improved features.


It's primary use is as part of a Disaster Recovery site.

This non-critical role makes it possible for me to scratch the whole thing and resync the data afterwards. Meanwhile I can use other resources to retain RTO in my DR.


Been reading a lot about the differences between 7-mode and Cluster Ontap mode and still I am unsure if 7-mode actually holds anything that Cluster/Ontap9 can't provide?


Also what would be the quickest way to reinstall the system? Must be rather simple as no Copy Based or Copy Free transition is needed.




Re: 2552 8.2.2 7-Mode > Ontap 9

cDOT does not support OSSV and you cannot use cDOT as disaster recovery partner for 7-Mode (well, you probably can, but just once).

Reinstall is simple, but you need cluster license for this.

Re: 2552 8.2.2 7-Mode > Ontap 9


Hi @AllanHedegaard



1. Cluster data ontap doesn't support OSSV.

2. You can not maintain snapmirror DR replication between 7-mode and c-mode systems.

3. You can install c-mode dataontap on your old storage frame, for that you need to perchase cluster license and other licenses.

4. All your data will be wiped if you do that.

5. It is better to purchase 2 new controller heads and perform transation to that.

6. You can use copy based and copy free transition from 7-mode to c-mode to migrate all the volumes. Apart from that you can also use cluster snapmirror transition to perform single volume migration from 7-mode to c-mode.


Copy based : It uses snapmirror technology to migrate the data from 7-mode to c-mode.


Copy free     : We will perform some configurations and later we will swap the disk shelves from 7-mode to c-mode controllers.




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Re: 2552 8.2.2 7-Mode > Ontap 9


Agreed with the others here, OSSV is your main issue as there is no equivalent with ONTAP now.  If you can host the OSSV elsewhere (or use another solution), you'll want to request a Cluster Base license from your partner/rep (it should be free as long as you're under a NetApp Support agreement still).  That said, I've attached a cheat sheet that shows the details on how to set ONTAP to boot to 7-mode or Clustered ONTAP - I can't find the original reference, but again your partner/rep should be able to point you in the right direction should you need more help with the details.


Also, for reference the FAS2xxx series is NOT supported for Copy-Free Transition; the explaination I was given is that the engineers writing the procedures and doing the testing didn't realize you could convert a FAS2240-x to a shelf originally and since new hardware has been released a few times since (such as your FAS2552 and the new FAS2650), I suppose they expect smaller customers would still be better off just purchasing a new system and using copy-based transitions.


Good luck!

Re: 2552 8.2.2 7-Mode > Ontap 9

Thanks guys. Very informative. I did 8.2.4P4 today and think I will stick with it for now. OSSV is just to vital a part of my strategy. We cant afford to lose it right now.
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