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7MTT Support / Assistance

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I logged a support call via NETAPP partner program (IBM)  I believe they then pass on cases to NETAPP they do not solve.   I was

told 7MTT was not supported.


"I'm sorry to inform you but apparently we do not support the migration process nor the 7MTT tool."


So my question is I need some guidance on this 7MTT warning,  I have already migrated 14 vfiler and filer and not seen this

warning before.



warning (21062)   Failed to collect the CIFS Share ACLs configuration from the following 7-Mode storage systems.


Any advice welcome.


Rgds AndyP




Re: 7MTT Support / Assistance

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Hi, Refer https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP12443519/html/GUID-EF8E4EEE-12D3-4B1A-9FD0-50E68B0F20D3.html Check if its related..
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Re: 7MTT Support / Assistance

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Thanks for the update,  however it was not the problem.  We did the migration using 7MTT and all was OK.  I believe that the warning

message was caused by someACLs having  forcegroup  defined on them.   Which we needed to add manually. 







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