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Anti virus server integration with Different V servers with different Ipspaces




We had quite different problem in my enivornment, We running with 8.3 CDOT and we are having 20 Vservers and all are sitting in 20 differnt  domains

Now the question, How can we integrate the common Anti virus servers for all 20 Vservers?


1. All My vservers are different Vlans

2. All MY vservers are different Domains


As per the solution from netapp, We need to open the domain level trust between managemnt network and data network but my security team wont allow to go with this,



My qusetion is:


a)  Without domain trust relation ship how can we provide the solution?

b) As per my understnading, If we enable the routing between AV server and Storage Vservers, How can we integrate the common AV server priviliged user into 20 vservers.


Please share your ideas?