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Broken? snapmirrors - how to delete them ?


Hi all

On my filer, I was doing some backup testing, and now have these snapmirrors showing, which I can't delete

aushafs2b> snapmirror status

Snapmirror is off.

Source                 Destination                  State          Lag        Status

aushafs1b:admin        aushafs2b:admin              Snapmirrored   02:35:19   Idle

aushafs1b:catiax       aushafs2b:catiax             Snapmirrored   10:35:19   Idle

aushafs1b:pdm          aushafs2b:pdm                Snapmirrored   10:05:18   Idle

aushafs1b:zen          aushafs2b:zen                Snapmirrored   09:55:20   Idle

aushafs2b:admin        aushafs2b:NDMP_LOCAL_005614  Source         -          Idle

aushafs2b:images       aushafs2b:NDMP_LOCAL_005617  Source         -          Idle

aushafs2b:domino2_vol  aushafs2b:nrst1a             Source         -          Idle

The first 4 entries are fine - they are my mirrors between systems.

But I want to cleanup the last three.

As far as I can tell, there are no backup or smtape sessions still active.





Use "snapmirror release" to remove old SnapMirror snapshots. You may also need to remove them from snapmirror.conf.


Thanks - This worked on the smtape snapmirror entries, but the not those still displayed in the output (above)

Any other ideas ?


Check if you have leftover snapmirror snapshots on destination - manually remove them (they should be unlocked after snapmirror break). Those snapshots are not removed automatically.

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