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ONTAP Discussions

Can vmotion effect SnapShots in a Datastore on the storage?


SnapShots will be changed as we remove or change the data in the datastore.

My question, can vmotion in vSphere change the size of SnapShots in a datastore on the storage?



Snapshot "size" is amount of changed or deleted data. vMotion will delete data on source. So yes, it will cause snapshot "growth".


P.S. I mean of course Storage vMotion. Normal vMotion works with shared datastore, so it won't not have any effect.


What is the difference bwteen storage vmotion and normal vmotion?


the vmotion I am talking about is the Vsphere vmotion which move VM's from one datastore to other. Woud this effect snapshots?


@netappmagic wrote:

vmotion which move VM's from one datastore to other

This is Storage vMotion.

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