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Converting a SnapLock 7mode controller for cDOT


Hello all,

we plan to convert a 7mode SnapLock Enterprise system (8.2.4) to ONTAP9 (9.3).

For several reasons (7mtt does not support CFT for SnapLock and the outage for CFT - hours - is longer than allowed (minutes)) we plan to go following way

1) 7mode -> temporary cDOT system (7mtt CBT) - this temporary cDOT is SnapLockEnterprise enabled

2) converting the 7mode -> clustered ONTAP (reinstall the controller - with new set of disks - we can keep the original ones intact forever)

3) SnapMirror from temporary cDOT -> converted system



There is only SLE aggregate (and the root aggregate) on the 7mode system - no SnapLock Compliance




a) Is there anybody here who converted a 7mode controller with compliance clock initialized to clustered ONTAP? Is the initialization/wipe allowed with compliance clock running?

b) Do you see any pitfall in the general idea?





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