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Copying volumes from one svm to a new one




I have a question and maybe you can help me?


I have an existing primary/source svm (vfiler) with 20 - 30 volumes, with shares and exports. I would like to copy them to another new destination/secondary svm, implement snapmirror from primary to secondary svm where the new secondary svm will provide the data only in read-only modi. It is and will not be a Disaster Recovery solution. I could create the new secondary svm manually and create all the volumes and the create snapmirror relation. But is there a way to do it in a shorter way only with snapmirror, aggr copy or other methods, to avoid creating all the volumes manually and maybe also without creating all the shares, export options etc.? Maybe Snapmirror vfiler DR and then deleting the relationship and the volume snapmirror? 


Source svm is using ONTAP 9.1 and destination 9.2P2. Both are in different location and both are for its own a single head metrocluster. Source side has two single head systems as metrocluster and destination has two single head system as metrocluster. Connection between both location works - peer connection and relation is working.


Many thanks!