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Dedupe on Volume will it free space for Aggregate


Hello, we have Netapp FAS3240 7 Mode Release 8.1.4P4. We have an Aggregate that has Total Space of 26 TB, Used Space of 5 TB, Available space is 21 TB, and Total Committed space of 24 TB.  


The Commited space seems right based on the Volumes we created.  

Some of the Volumes are Thin Provisioned and some are using Deduplication.  


Im a little new to NetApp and im trying to get a better understanding of things.  


I have a total commited space of 24 TB yet my available space is 21 TB.  Im assuming that the available space is because some of the Volumes are thin provisioned?  


I also noticed that some of the Volumes are Deduped as well.  Does Deduping a Volume also give space back to the Aggregate?  Or its really only getting space back for the Volume so you can create more Luns?


The reason im asking is we might want to start entertaining the idea of overcommiting the aggregate and adding another Volume.  So if Deduping helps with saving space on the Aggregate then we might enable it on other Volumes to get even more space back on the aggregate



Re: Dedupe on Volume will it free space for Aggregate



It appears you have thin provisioned volumes as to why you have 21TB's free


Also, Dedupe does give back to aggregate if your vols are thin provisioned.  If thick provisioned, the vol is already carved out of aggregate.


If you're new to Netapp, make sure you understand how you going to manage your over-provisioning the aggregate  because once people start writing blocks and reach a point where there is no more disk, all the VOLS will go offline.


Also, not sure if your root vol is on separate aggregate as well

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Re: Dedupe on Volume will it free space for Aggregate


Thanks for the quick reply.  Will definitly be careful if we start overprovisioning the aggreagate, plus ill be reading up allot more on this way before we start actually implementing.

Thanks again

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