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ONTAP Discussions

Delete (DEL) Key not working if connected with putty


Hello everyone,


i'm searching for way to use the delete key on the keyboard when i'm conntected through putty.

Every time i hit the key it only outputs ~3 to the console.

For linux there is a way editing /etc/inputrc, is there a way for ontap? I have version 8.1.2P7


Many Thanks



Tried a profile reset but it didn't help. I'm wondering why its working for others.

By default PuTTY maps BACKSPACE key to literal DEL (0177).


Have you tried clearing your cache in Putty?


The problem is similar to this description: http://superuser.com/questions/94436/how-to-configure-putty-so-that-home-end-pgup-pgdn-work-properly-in-bash


I've already tried to choose a different terminal-type string and selected different options in the terminal -> keyboard menu.

In default settings, the keys are mapped that way:

del -> [3~

insert -> [2~

pos1 -> [1~

end -> [4~

pgup -> [5~

pgdw -> [6~


other keys like backspace and arrows, even german umlauts (yes keyboard layout is german) works fine.


works fine for me

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