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Disaster Recovery plan


Hi Guys,


I want to configure DR for a small site where we have 15-20 Physical box with windows servers and I have configured the Snapmirror between two sites. we have 7-mode netapp filer. if any one can help me to get the some document to configure the DR between sites with Windows Box. 






Do you have the filers physically installed at the dr site?? if yes then do you have ontap up and running (configured required licenses, NFS/CIFS/iSCSI/FC, installed and cabled the diskshelves as per your capacity and performance requirement) at the DR site ???

If these have been done then you need to identify the data sets that needs to be replicated (using snapmirror - snapmirror license is installed or not at prod and DR site netapp controllers?)

Identify the RPO & RTO as per your company information security policy or whatever you call the policy in your organisation

As per RPO and RTO setup snapmirror (take a look at the snapmirror qtree/volume requirements and ontap versions)





You can refer the below kb article which talks about how to perform a disaster recovery plan for a filer,






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