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Factory reset disk shelf




I need some advice please.


My customer is running a Metrocluster using 7 mode. The Data on Tap version is 8.2.3

Over the weekend we added in 4 new DS2246 disk shelves, 2 on each side of the Metrocluster. 

The disk pooling was done incorrectly, all the disks were placed into pool 0. I need half the disks to be in pool 0 and the other half in pool 1 so that I can enable syncmirror between the new aggregates that will be created.

I tried to go into maintenance mode and remove disk ownership and reassign disks with the correct pooling but it didn't work properly and I now have an uneven number of disks in the different pools.


Is there a way to factory reset the new disk shelves only, the 4 that were installed over the weekend so that I can correctly assign the drives with the right disk pooling?

I have logged a call with Netapp but until now I haven't had much feedback from them.


Thanks alot



when assign the disks did you run "disk assign <disk_name> -p <pool ID>"

Are the disks you want to reassign already part of an aggregate or are they marked as spare?




The disks may have been automatically assigned as that's the default ONTAP setting.

If e.g. all disks within a stack belong to one node and one pool, ONTAP will automaically assign all disks attached to the stack afterwards to the very same node and pool.


Please check the following options:





In order to re-assign the disks you don't need to be in maintanace mode.


Just go into advanced priviledge mode "priv set advanced" and issue "disk remove_ownership <disk-name>" for each disk you want to re-assign.


Afterwards issue "disk assign <disk-name> -p <pool>" on each controller where you want the disks to be assigned.


regards, Niels




First turn off the options for disk auto assign 

then offline aggregate --> destroy aggregate --> remove disk ownership from advanced mode using disk remove_ownership command (as mentioned in above post)

and then assign these spare disks to correct pool using -p option then create aggregate

after disks has been assigned to the correct pool and does not require further changes in assignment then you can enable the disk auto assign option

Ontap checks every five minutes for the unassigned disks and assign them to controller which has disks from rest of the disks in the same stack

This should work if it doesn't then tell us the error or give the us output result 


Hope this helps....!!!