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Disk Size Reported Incorrectly


Hi All,

I'm new to Netapp, and have the following problem.


I have a FAS 2040 (2U) ONTAP 8.0.2 7-mode with 2 controllers, with no internal disks and I have an external DS4246.


When I installed the OS it created the aggregate (aggr0) on the DS4246, but you can see below that the physical disks are 4 TB and the used is 914 GB.


The problem is when I try to create a new aggregate, the disks appear as 914 GB...

I tried failing the disk and restore it (set priv diag), zeroing the disk etc...


Do you have any ideas how do I make them 4 TB?



Disk        Type         Checksum Compatibility       Shelf      Bay         Chan      Used            Physical        Pool              Aggregate
*****     dparity      zoned/block                        174           0            SA:A      914 GB            3.64 TB      Pool0            aggr0
*****     parity        zoned/block                        174           1            SA:A      914 GB            3.64 TB      Pool0            aggr0
*****     data          zoned/block                        174           2            SA:A      914 GB            3.64 TB      Pool0            aggr0
*****     data          zoned/block                        174           3            SA:A      914 GB            3.64 TB      Pool0            aggr0
*****     spare        zoned/block                        174           4            SA:A      914 GB            3.64 TB      Pool0
*****     spare        zoned/block                        174           5            SA:A      914 GB            3.64 TB      Pool0
*****     spare        zoned/block                        174           6            SA:A      914 GB            3.64 TB      Pool0






Re: Disk Size Reported Incorrectly


4TB drives are not supported on a FAS2040 with DOT 8.0.2 7-mode.  According to Hardware Universe, the maximum for external DS4246 is 3TB drives.



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Re: Disk Size Reported Incorrectly


Thank you.

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