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FAS2020 to FAS2520 migration without client changes


Hi everyone:


We are going to perform a migration from FAS2020 to FAS2520 (both dual controller). We would want to perform this without changes in the clients (nfs and cifs mappings, vmware datastores, iscsi connections... etc).


This is what we have to migrate from the FAS2020:

-Filer1: - one volume wich contains 1 VMWARE datastore accesed vía NFS and contains all the virtual machines.

-Filer2: - 3 volumes containing CIFS shares for user files.

            - 1 volume containing 1 LUN accesed vía iSCSI for a backup software



Our plan is to do the follwing steps:


-Ask for 4 snapmirror test licenses (one for each controller).

-Set up the new FAS2520 with temporal hostnames and IPs

-Set up a snapmirror relationship to migrate all volumes.

-Stop client access to the old filer and perform an snamirror update. (stop VMWARE virtual machines and backup software, and stop cifs in the filer)

-Break and release snapmirror relationships

-Set up iscsi, cifs and nfs options to match the old ones (iscsi groups, lun mappings,cifs shares and nfs exports).

-Change hostnames and Ips in the old filers (so there is no duplicated ones when we rename the new filers)

-Change hostnames and IPs in the new filers to match the ones mapped in the clients.

-Restart client access


Do you think this is the right procedure? Anyone has any advice about this?


Is it possible to move the location path for the entire Datastore in the Vcenter (with all the virtual machines turnet off)?


I have no experience with iSCSI, will this procedure work for this?


Best Regards,




Re: FAS2020 to FAS2520 migration without client changes


Hello Gerardo,


Iscsi: Don´t forget to change the IQN on the destination Filer and change the serial number of the destination LUN to the old one.

Cifs: Restart the Cifs setup process after hostname change.

NFS: If the ip address and or hostname plus the exports are the same the datastore should come online afer a ESX server reboot.


Everything you want to have is possible but you have to go in more detail.



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Re: FAS2020 to FAS2520 migration without client changes


Hi Alex


Thanks for the response I have been checking for more info and the procedure (taking care of the things you have pointed) seem to be fine.


I´ll let you know the results when its done.



Re: FAS2020 to FAS2520 migration without client changes



 i am new to this forum... how to open a topic.. i need help for fas2020. pls help me...

Re: FAS2020 to FAS2520 migration without client changes



Can you please provide me the procedure that you are follow in your migration, because I want to migrate volume, luns, shares and exports from FAS3020 to FAS3220.


For vmware Luns I used storage vmotion.

But for linux luns, CIFS and NFS i used snapmirror, but until now I cant access to new lun from linux hosts.



SAMIH Azzeddine

Re: FAS2020 to FAS2520 migration without client changes


In the new Filer:


-Created initiator groups as they were in the old filer

-Changed the target nodename to the old filer one

-Changed all the serial luns to the older ones


Restarted clients (without any configuration change on them) and everything worked perfect.

Re: FAS2020 to FAS2520 migration without client changes




Thank you very much for your feedback.


Today I am trying the follwing in the testbed server:

  1. I Initialize snapmirror to other controller.
  2. I Shutdown my server
  3. I Quiesce and break snapmirror
  4. I Put the snapmirrord LUN offline and I change the serial number exactly as it was on source controller
  5. I unmap the old LUN,
  6. I create the same initiator groups.
  7. I put the new LUN online
  8. I map new LUN to the igroup
  9. I Start server

But  any partition was mounted. My logical volume is not available


--- Logical volume ---
  LV Name                /dev/VgB/lvB
  VG Name                VgB
  LV UUID                YW5brO-5lHj-KQ1k-8YKa-ggv3-pidA-um9JEq
  LV Write Access        read/write
  LV Status              NOT available
  LV Size                14.00 GB
  Current LE             3584
  Segments               1
  Allocation             inherit
  Read ahead sectors     auto


For nodename of the controller is alerady used by vmware host, I think that I cannot change it.




Re: FAS2020 to FAS2520 migration without client changes


If you cannot change the target nodename, I THINK you are going to have to remap the lun again, because the lun is mapped to the other filers iqn.





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